Travel AI

Imagine every traveler with an expert AI advisor in their pocket

We help airlines and OTAs seamlessly integrate travel AI solutions, enabling discovery of destinations and flight tickets in 95 languages. All accomplished within seconds. Boost conversion rates by 2-5 times with AI-driven user experiences.

Pictures are crucial


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Traveling will soon be much easier

We are the first AI to utilize GPS-based photos

Our global community of travelers shared 163,000 photos across 123 countries with our AI, enabling our engine to capture the true visual essence of the places discussed.


30 hours for planning? Not anymore!

According to research, holiday planning takes, on average, 30 hours. With Earth.Guide, perfect destinations and flight tickets can be discovered within a few prompts.

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A completely new user experience with Earth.Guide

Until now, travelers had to first discover their destination and then search whether they can find acceptable flight tickets.  With our AI advisor, you can search for destinations and flights in a single step.

Traveling will soon be much easier

AI makes planning fast and enjoyable

Soon, every traveler in the world will have artificial intelligence on their mobile devices that will behave like the best travel advisor with decades of experience. Easy discovery and planning will change the game. Vendors who adopt this solution first will gain the utmost competitive advantage.

Earth.Guide already covers 163,000 places in 123 countries

We are developing a travel AI provided as a service

Seamless integration

Our AI-improved customer experience can be instantly implemented as a white-label solution.

Impact on the results

AI has direct implications for marketing and financial outcomes. Our solution leads to higher conversion rates, increased upsells, and more efficient loyalty and retention programs.

Boost conversions by 2-5 times with AI-driven user experience