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We are fine-tuning AI to provide accurate travel answers.

Share pictures. Talk to our AI advisor to help us train it. Receive crypto rewards.


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Change the world

Give new life to your photos

Is your phone full of great photos with GPS tags?
Share them. Help AI to illustrate places it writes about.

Train AI

Talk to our AI

We will soon launch AI advisor. Join Earth.Guide. Talk to our advisor and help us to train it.


Earn crypto

The use of your photos and talking to AI will be fairly rewarded with crypto, helping you fund your next adventure.

Change the world

We are improving AI accuracy

AIs, like GPT, are brilliant when answering travel related question.
Problem is, that their answers are often incorrect and shallow (so called hallucinations). We are fine-tuning AI to make its answers correct.

Interesting places in Earth.Guide

Value of crypto gained by top contributors

# Earth.tokens
16 849
50 547 USD*
11 684
35 050 USD*
9 573
28 720 USD*
* An estimate of future value. 1 Earth.Token is set to serve as a voucher for 3 dollars. Does not stipulate legal obligation.

We are building an AI that is correct and fair.


Web3 and crypto rewards will change how apps engage with their users. Different to networks like Facebook, users are rewarded for content.
We will distribute 50% of our crypto tokens to our users for the quality content they upload.

Correct AI advisor and profit sharing

On average, travelers spend 30 hours planning their holiday. With the help of our AI advisor, we will reduce holiday planning time to 0.
25% of profit from our advisor will be redistributed to our crypto token holders.

Help AI to be correct in its travel answers.

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