Travel Industry-Specific AI

Powered by Map Locations and GPS Technology

📍 Location data is the cornerstone of Earth.Guide's AI, significantly enhancing usability in the travel industry

Unique Features of Earth.Guide's AI

Architecture of our AI is designed to serve as platform for travel industry artificial intelligence. This enables to perform wide range of industry specific tasks. For example:

  • Converting human language into flight search parameters: Travelers can ask our chat in human language. For instance: 'We want to go on a honeymoon in January for 10 days.' Our AI understands it and converts it into structured parameters: A. Starting airport (if not specified, it uses the user's position from their IP address), B. Suitable destinations, C. Closest airports to the destination, D. Dates of flights, E. Additional flight parameters.
  • Recommending destinations: Earth.Guide's AI recommendation engine functions with the precision of having millions of customizable filters. This allows users to set highly specific and personal criteria for their searches. For instance, they could specify unique preferences such as a 'beach destination known for vibrant night parties and affordably priced beer.'
  • Illustrating destination with real travelers' photos: Spectacular, yet truthful pictures are essential for the successful presentation of a destination. Our global community of travelers has shared 176,000 photos across 124 countries with our AI, enabling our engine to capture the true visual essence of the places discussed. Thanks to GPS in each of our photos, we can illustrate even such small places as a specific monument, park, or square.
  • Open-jaw tickets: An excellent example of how AI trained for travel industry tasks changes the entire discovery process. Until today, searching for suitable open-jaw tickets was extremely time-consuming. But now, Earth.Guide can advise a traveler heading on vacation to Rome that they can return, for example, from Florence or Naples with a cheaper flight.
  • 95 languages: Our research indicates that a significant number of travelers worldwide are not fluent in English. Consequently, the effectiveness of travel IT solutions greatly depends on their capacity to interact and communicate in the native languages of travelers. To address this need, Earth.Guide offers seamless communication capabilities in 95 languages.

Expert Travel Advisory Across Multiple Platforms

Our white-label Travel AI ensures that your customers have effortless access to expert travel advice. Earth.Guide is finely tuned for seamless operation on various platforms, including mobile devices, desktops, and popular messaging apps like WhatsApp and Messenger.

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